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Get the Comprehensive Guide to Navigating AI 
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  • Gain insight into key AI concepts and technologies
  • Explore possibilities
  • Navigate legal and ethical dimensions
  • Read content from Google, Microsoft & LAWMORE

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Understanding AI: Concepts and Technologies

What is AI, building blocks of AI and specialized models

Privacy, Legal Implications, and Ethics 

Data privacy and security, intellectual property and copyright, ethics and bias and regulatory compliance 

AI Use Cases from Forward Operators and Expert Insights

Case Studies from Retail and Media companies

Business impact of AI

Product development & innovation, process optimisation & automation, data driven decision making, workforce transformation and upskilling

AI in Education and Training

The importance of AI literacy, upskilling and reskilling workforce and training programs 

ai for executives free handbook

Topics include

Concepts to real world examples – learn to holistically navigate the AI landscape. Understand how AI can impact your organization. Explore benefits and risks, including case studies and key players in the industry. 

Gain insight into issues of bias, privacy and responsible AI adoption. Navigate the tech landscape and learn about key technologies. Get a FREE handbook copy today.

Who is this Handbook for

We’ve created this Handbook primarily for executives teams and other decision makers to be able to navigate the AI landscape with ease.

Our Handbook is specifically tailored for C-level leaders and decision makers seeking a comprehensive understanding of AI and its associated opportunities and risks. We present the information in an easily digestible format, utilizing friendly graphics and concise bullet points to enhance clarity.

ai for executives free handbook

ai for executives free handbook

What's inside

See the inside of our Handbook.
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